Look out consumers, here comes increased electric prices

In an already struggling economy, it seems that it’s about to get worse for american consumers.

All over the country electric utility companies are trying to pass legislature that will increase the monthly bills of millions of their customers. The companies site “aging infrastructures” and “tougher environmental regulations” as the main reasons for the price hike, but we believe this may be only half true.

In truth, the majority of electric power grids across the country are in fine shape – for our current power needs. With the increase of home electronics and power guzzling gadgets Americans are constantly straining the infrastructures that have been in place since the early part of last century. These power grids, are obviously not renewable, like PV solar energy, and therefore have a finite amount of energy to be drawn from.

Another key issue here is cost of implementing environmental regulations for these filthy energy sources. The majority of our electrical power in the United States derives from coal, one of the dirtiest (not to mention non-renewable) fossil fuels on the planet. As citizens become more and more aware of their wasteful energy use and the negative impact it’s having on our global environment, they are making a conscious effort to vote in politicians that vote for “green legislature”. This legislature challenges the anti-environmental practices that the utility companies have in place and forces them to spend money on fixing these issues. But where do you think this money really comes from? Of course, your pocket.

In this day and age, with gas and electricity prices continuing to skyrocket, the best thing you can do for your wallet is to invest in solar for your home. It’s clean, pays for itself, and it’s renewable. Don’t let the dirty utility companies continue to price gouge.

You can read more proof here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/10/05/americans-face-double-digit-hikes-in-electricity-bills-to-fund-upgrades.html

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