Xero Solar and SunPower: a match made in heaven!

Xero Solar, a Manhattan Beach based photovoltaic solar installer, has recently announced a new partnership with the solar manufacturing and distributing powerhouse SunPower.

This bodes well for any business looking for a commercial solar installation in the South Bay or Los Angeles because, unlike many manufactures in the stuggling solar market, SunPower is rapidly dropping prices and increasing it’s spot in global competition.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley for more than a quarter century, SunPower is ranked number one in the nation in both commercial solar manufacturing and solar for private home usage. This leads many investors to believe that the company will be cash flow positive again in 2012 as their stocks continue to outshine the rest of the sector. (Company shares jumped around 7% in 2011)

By partnering with SunPower, Xero solar hopes to pass it’s savings on to consumers throughout Southern California. In fact, in reaction to the partnership, they’ve already instituted an amazing loan program in which some customers will qualify to pay no down payment on their SunPower solar panels or installation. This translates to a virtually “free” solar system as often the monthly payments for solar energy in South Bay are less than the energy savings customers can go green with absolutely no costs out of pocket!

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