[zeer-oh kuhl-cher] (noun)

XeroSolar was formed in 2010 by Ben Lochtenberg as a California C-10 Electrical and C-46 Solar Contractor and is presently headquartered in El Segundo, CA. XeroSolar functions in a unique manner with a strong emphasis on its XeroCulture™ ideals and principles.


Embrace Challenge

We welcome growth through innovation and believe that only through doing things that push our boundaries can we evolve to a higher state. It is through the potential to make mistakes that we learn new skills and discover new opportunities that help us to become better individuals and a better company.

Quality without Exception

We believe in doing the right thing, even when it requires sacrifice. Our goal is to provide what our customers truly need versus providing what WE need to sell. Each customer deserves to be treated with respect, transparency, and honesty as if they were our own parents.

Care for the Individual

We care about the fundamental wellbeing and dignity of the individual, both professionally and personally. This means having the courage to approach difficult conversations from a position of honesty and love. We believe this is vital, whether it be a co-worker, supplier, customer, or any other member of our Xero Community.

We are always looking for good people

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