[zeer-oh kuhl-cher] (noun)

XeroSolar was formed in 2010 by Ben Lochtenberg as a California C-10 Electrical and C-46 Solar Contractor and is presently headquartered in El Segundo, CA. XeroSolar functions in a unique manner with a strong emphasis on its XeroCulture™ ideals and principles.

Principles and Ideals:

Sincere adherence to our Company Standards:

. Integrity
. Customer-focused
. Quality
. Continuous improvement
. Teamwork and family
. Sense of urgency

No advertisements

Rather than advertising, we focus our efforts on providing superior service and creating lasting relationships. This creates advocates out of our customers who enthusiastically refer us to others

No pressure sales tactics

Our account managers are not paid sales commissions. Instead they benefit as the company benefits from a successful project, a happy customer and a new advocate of XeroSolar

Welcoming challenging and difficult projects as opportunities to learn and grow

Focusing on employee development personally and professionally to promote vertically integrated growth

Participating with, supporting and giving back to the community

Co-creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for all

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